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This site contains pictures of six different submarines
and plans of old and new boats.

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USS Halibut and USS Rasher gangway page
Ride the nuclear powered submarine Halibut to the Arctic on a 120 day patrol.

The PooP Deck Now called Salty's Stamps
 A massive website, one of a few in its class.
By Richard Tucker.

Bordgemeinschaft Fregatten Emden
-- an association founded in 1997 by former crew-members of the Federal German Navy Frigate "Emden" (1961-1983).

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Big John's USS Cutlass SS-478 Shipmate Connection
Really comprehensive history of this venerable boat.
Well-designed and engaging.

Dave Stoop's Home Page
Dave was a key element of the Cavalla restoration!

Legends of the Deep -- history of the USS Wahoo and exclusive
biographies of some of the Silent Service's greats.

USS Ling Homepage -- Great pictures, technical descriptions, and
history by Scott Hirschman, volunteer and subsim skipper.

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DUTCH SUBMARINES -- Bram has this site cram-packed with pictures, history,
and news about the submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Best of its kind!

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New Jersey Naval Museum -- Home of the W.W. II Submarine USS LING SS 297.
Without a doubt, the best submarine website today.

Submarine Wives Club
An online gathering place for those beautiful ladies
who make our national defense possible.

Daily events from around the globe as they happened 55 years ago.

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A multi-layered site that covers the different types of U-boats 
thoroughly, even the exotic U-boats such as the Type XXXI. Trust me, this site is great!

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Nick's Submarine Base -- 
An excellent site dedicated to the 688/688(I)class hunter/killer submarine.

USS Bowfin Submarine Park - The "Pearl Harbor" avenger,  
THE best-preserved WWII boat in existence! Visit the Submarine Museum, 
Eternal Patrol Memorial, and many other unequalled exhibits.

U.S. Pacific Fleet Submarine Force - by COMSUBPAC, everything you want (or need)
to know about our western defense.

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Tom McAndrews' USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 Website!!
- One of the best and
most personal sub sites on the net. You're sure to like this one!

Previous Golden Torpedo Winner Frank Toon's Memory Page
Featuring great, rare photos of Frank's boat, Blenny

Previous Golden Torpedo Winner A Tribute to the Hammerheads -- 
Tribute website to the Hammerheads; SS-364 and SSN-663.

Previous Golden Torpedo Winner USS Ulysses S. Grant SSBN 631 -- 
includes pictures, history, biography of its namesake, and a sailing list.

TRITON BASE, US SUBVETS INC. - My local SUBVETS chapter (Houston-Galveston),
always a pleasure to meet with these guys!

Previous Golden Torpedo Winner Hellenic Navy On Line -- 
Find unclassified info about Hellenic Fleet and explore history of World War II submariners. Designed by Angelos Simsirikis.

Previous Golden Torpedo Winner Sid Harrison's NAVY DAYS
Sid has crafted a nice site with tons of unique sub stories.

Submarine Central
A Webpage Dedicated To The Silent Service. Lots of construction, lots of potential.

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Paul Roggemann's USS Sea Robin Website

Well-thought out and packed with high quality photos, this website details one of the Navy's most historic boats.

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The U-Boat Net

For the scoop about U-boats, change course to this site. An immense 
cyber-warehouse of German underseeboot data, including profiles of over 1100 boats!

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Her Majesty's Canadian Submarine, OKANAGAN
-- One of three
diesel-electric patrol submarines based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

USS GUARDFISH SSN-612 -- Dedicated to perpetuating the memories of
the crew of this former nuclear, fast-attack, submarine.

U.S.S. Sea Lion -- 
Stop by for the Open House, sign in on the log and visit the collective memories of a submarine unique in naval history.

USS SUNFISH SS281 -- New site from Matthew Gail about Sunfish and her crew,
which included his father, William M Gail, Jr.

Ron Haddock's Travel & Technology -- Ron served during the Viet Nam era, aboard
Bonefish SS 582, W. Wilson SSBN 624, and Haddock SSN 621.

BATTLEZONE -- The world´s premier source for military patches.

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USS CREVALLE (SS 291) - The "Bulldog of the Sea"
Bud Cunnally's masterpiece of ship's history.

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Martin Riley's SUBMARINES:
A Taste of the Silent Service

RidesSubs Home Page - Devoted to the USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 and USS New York City SSN 696

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USS Torsk (SS-423)
-- Visit USS Torsk, a Tench class fleet submarine in Baltimore, MD.

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Steel in the Deep --
A super sub site from Jun Arisaka of Japan. There's a great
tribute to our nuclear subs, a downloadable jpg calendar, and more.

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Canonesa, Convoy HX72, and U-100 -- 
Features in-depth research of a German U-boat and its encounter with an Allied convoy.

USS COBIA WEBSITE - Joe Knapp's tribute to Wisconsin's only submarine. Great site.

Danny's Naval Home Page -- Don't miss this site! The beginnings of an excellent Royal Navy site.

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USS Cubera (SS347) --
 description here - Small but impressive page on the "Cubby-Bear".

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USS George Washington Carver SSBN 656 -- 
Contains a couple of sea stories, some photos, and a reunion page.

USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 -- Author Ron Martini ex EM1(SS) was on the Henry for 13 patrols from 1962 to mid 1968.

USS Topeka SSN 754 Official World Wide Web Site
Hosted by ETC(SS) W. "Pat" Miller, Topeka is based in Pearl.

U.S.S. Drum (SS-228) the USSVI - Drum Base, Mobile Bay Base

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USS Queenfish Home -- 
Dedicated to two of the Navy's finest submarines, (SS393) and (SSN651).

Battleships Carriers And All Other Warships - The anchor page for the world's naval vessels

Alan's submarine website is back, on a new server.

U.S. Navy in World War II - A collection of linked hypertext documents related to the History of the Second World War.

Bo the Nook's USS SEAWOLF (SSN-575) home page.

USS PAMPANITO WEBSITE - One of the best-preserved WWII subs today

USS GUNNEL SS-253 - Jim Lavelle's got a good thing going here! Tell him Neal said hi!

Sturgeon's Submarine Journal - an interesting collection of links 
and data on the New Attack Submarine in a refreshing journal format.

Submarine History - A new site with an overview of undersea boat history.

Fiddlers Green - a web site for Cavalry troopers

The Rainmakers - The lyrical kings of wit!

USS Plunger (SSN 595) Reunion - Sub Fest '98 - San Francisco, CA - 1 July 1998 through 5 July 1998
For additional info, visit Dave Vrooman's USS Plunger Reunion Website

Bungo Straits - Features "Run Silent, Run Deep" and "Das Boot" sound clips and JPGs.

Brazosport College - "Be anything. . . begin here!" - My future Alma Mata.

HAZE GRAY AND UNDERWAY - Online source for naval information


JAMES "HOOT" ANDREWS - A genuine American Hero; he's really Been There, Done That
(in a BIG WAY)

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The place to visit for model submarine tips & information.

Deep Domain's Memorial Sub links - 
This page features links to subs that are memorials in the USA.

Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association - 
originators of "Deterrent Park", a memorial to the original "Forty-one for Freedom;" Brought to you by Chris Woods.

Copperfield's Bookseller/CBC BookNetwork
Special Orders, Booksearches In & Out of Print; The folks here will really help you find that obscure book. One of my favorites, tell 'em you saw their name in the Deep Domain and maybe I'll get a buck off my next order!

Neal's Submarine Simulation Links Page
Cross link to my SUBSIM section, there are plenty of sim-oriented links here to explore.
Features Silent Hunter Homepage, Combat Simulations, Seawolves, and Sim Tips and more!

Neal Stevens' DEEP DOMAIN