Deep Domain Model Showcase

Chris Beaumont

Russian Typhoon

Russian sub: Typhoon class

This model was photographed temporarily on patrol in the deep, dark depths of a fish tank in real water tinted with blue watercolor paint. It remained suspended by very thin fishing line. The interior of the submarine is full of water and some lead strips as well.

Revell's 1/400 Russian Typhoon out of water.

Revell's 1/400 Russian Typhoon out of water.

It is 17.5" or 44cm long. The kit box art says that the real submarine is 558 feet long and 75 feet wide. Revell molded this version with a bulbous nose that houses the underwater detection gear and has also simulated the specially designed rubber tiles covering most of her surfaces. Their purpose is to absorb enemy sonar/radar detection. The paint finish is overly shiny on this model to act as a better water barrier when temporary (7 days)submerged in water in the fish tank. Also, when I built this kit 5 or 6 years ago I had no picture references and it turns out that the dark grey paint topside (maybe even all over?) should be much darker, almost black.

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