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THIRD ENDORSEMENT to LIONFISH War Patrol. COMSUBSPAC PATROL REPORT NO. 901 U.S.S. LIONFISH - SECOND WAR PATROL From: The Commander Submarine Force Pacific Fleet. To: The Commander in Chief, United States Fleet. Via: The Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Subject: U.S.S. LIONFISH (SS298) - Report of Second War Patrol (20 June to 22 August 1945). 1. The second war patrol of the LIONFISH, under the command of Lieutenant- Commander B. H. Ganyard, U.S. Navy, was conducted in waters south of the Japanese Empire. It was broken by a two day stay at Tanapag Harbor, Saipan for the purpose of replenishing. 2. The only enemy contacts made in this once productive area were on three submarines. Each of these was attacked and one was sunk. Surface opposition was neglible. On several occasions LIONFISH was forced to submerge by the approach of unidentified planes but at no time was she attacked. Such drifting mines as were sighted were obviously old and the worse for exposure; none of them could be destroyed. 3. The award of Submarine Combat Insignia for this patrol is authorized. 4.The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet, congratulates the commanding officer, officers, and crew of the Lionfish on the completion of a successful patrol during which the following damage was inflicted upon the enemy: S U N K 1 - SS (I-168 Class) (EU) - 1,400 tons (Attack No. 1) TOTAL SUNK 1,400 tons E. L. HYNES, 2nd, Flag Secretary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CONFIDENTIAL Subject: U.S.S. LIONFISH (SS298) - Report of War Patrol Number TWO. 20 June 1945 1600 Underway for 2nd War Patrol in accordance with C.F.G. 17.5 Oporder 19-45 enroute Guam. 1820 Escorting aircraft departed. 1931 Made trim dive. 2034 Surfaced. 2118 Exchanged calls by SJ radar with U.S.S. SEGUNDO bearing 284 degrees T. 21-22 June 1945 Conducting school of the boat, training, and section dives daily enroute Guam. 0300 Received dispatch orders from Comsubpac to stay north of Lat. 22 North between Long. 170 degrees East and 162 degrees East. 0424 Crossed International Date Line. Changed date to 22 June 1945. 0845 Sent LIONFISH FIRST to Comsubpac acknowledging receipt of orders. 23-25 June 1945 Posit. 25-32N 172-32E Sent LIONFISH SECOND to C.T.G. 17.7 info C.T.G. 17. 26 June 1945 1100 Test fired all guns. 27 June 1945 1200 Posit. 18-22N 151-21E 1905 Exchanged calls by SJ radar with the U.S.S. MUSKELLUNGE bearing 150 degrees T. 28 June 1945 1305 Passed between GUGUAN and ALAMAGAN Islands. 1500 Auxiliary engine stalled. Examination showed that the lobes in the blower head jammed. 1555 Exchanged calls by SJ radar with the U.S.S. KINGFISH bearing 050 degrees T. 1855 Sighted a high pillar of black smoke on the horizon bearing 050 degrees T. Came to course 150T and went flank speed to investigate, believing it possible a plane had crashed. The smoke persisted for about ten minutes. Upon arrival of approximate location of smoke we found a Baker two nine circling low over the water with landing lights on. We contacted him on Lifeguard frequency and he reported he thought he had seen a white light such as a life raft or float but did not seem to have any knowledge of any plane being down. He guided us to approximate location of his sighting light and then departed. We continued to search area until 2100, firing numerous green very stars and listening on 500Kcs., with negative results. Gasoline odors were noticed several times during search. 2100 Secured searching and proceeded on our way. Sent LIONFISH THIRD to Comsubpac info to C.T.G. 17.7 telling of search and negative results. 2345 SJ radar contact, bearing 175T range 14,000 yards. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 29 June 1945 0000 Determined radar contact to be a convoy of six to eight ships on course east, speed nine knots. Maneuvered to pass well clear astern. 0030 Made sight contact with the U.S.S. KINGFISH who fell in astern following our movements proceeding to Guam. 0930 Fell in astern of escort U.S.S. DOHERTY (DE14). 1225 Moored in port nest alongside U.S.S. APOLLO, Apra Harbor, Guam, outboard of U.S.S. SCABBARDFISH and U.S.S. SPIKEFISH. 1234 U.S.S. KINGFISH moored alongside port side. 29 June - 2 July 1945 Assigned to Subdiv-281 for voyage repairs. Main job being auxiliary engine. All hands had one night at Camp Dealey. Reluctantly became a member of Reluctant Dragon Society. 2 July 1945 1647 Underway in accordance with Comsubpac Oporder 145-45 in company U.S.S. KINGFISH and escort PC 1587. Auxiliary engine out of commission. 2030 Released escort. 3 July 1945 0835 Made trim dive. 0856 Surfaced. Sighted numerous friendly aircraft throughout the day. 1200 Posit. 16-53N 144-24.5E 1900 Set clocks back one hour to conform with Item time. 1930 Commenced radar tracking drill using U.S.S. KINGFISH as target. 2100 Secured from radar tracking. 4 July 1945 0010 Received Comsubpac dispatch of July ordering us to proceed to Lifeguard League for patrol. 0759 Made trim dive. 0809 Surfaced. 1730 Enjoyed a very fine meal in celebration of the 4th.
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